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Urban, Country & Coastal – Our Top Locations In Tendring

If you’ve ever dreamt of living where the countryside, coast, and city meet, Tendring might just be the hidden gem you’ve been searching for. At Paveys Estate Agents, we’ve been lucky enough to call this diverse region our home and office. We’ve strolled down its bustling urban streets, taken in the serenity of its coastal sunsets, and wandered through its rolling green landscapes. And let us tell you – every corner has its own little tale. Whether you’re looking to plant roots or just curious about what makes this area tick, discover Tendring’s top locations.

Frinton-On-Sea: The Seaside Sanctuary

A Coastal Paradise

Nestled on the edge of the North Sea, Frinton is a beacon for those seeking a peaceful seaside escape. Its immaculate sands, framed by timeless Victorian elegance, make it a favourite among families and couples alike. 

Historical Allure

The Frinton Gates, an iconic symbol, are a testament to the town’s rich heritage. Beyond the seafront, Frinton is steeped in history, evident in its architecture and local museums.

Why Choose Paveys in Frinton?

Paveys Estate Agents, located right in Frinton-On-Sea, provides unrivalled local knowledge. Our deep connection to Frinton ensures our clients find their dream homes with ease.

Manningtree: The Smallest Town with the Biggest Heart

Brimming with Urban Delights

Despite its reputation as the smallest town in England, Manningtree is bustling with energy. Its vibrant market scene and delightful cafes serve as the lifeblood of the community.

Historical Meets Contemporary

Manningtree seamlessly blends its rich history with modern amenities, ensuring visitors and residents get the best of both worlds.

The Riverside Charm

The River Stour adds a unique waterside charm to the town, providing serene views and an array of watersports activities.

Kirby-Le-Soken: The Countryside Dream

A Rural Escape

Those seeking peace and quiet will find it in Kirby-Le-Soken. With its vast green expanses and quaint village vibes, it’s an idyllic country retreat.

Heritage Sites Galore

History lovers can revel in local landmarks, including St Michael’s Church, a testament to Kirby’s medieval past.

The Community Spirit

The annual village fete showcases Kirby’s community spirit, where locals and visitors come together in celebration.

Walton on the Naze: Nature’s Canvas

Nature Reserves and Wildlife

Beyond the sandy shores, Walton’s Naze Tower and the Hamford Water National Nature Reserve are havens for nature enthusiasts.

Fossil Hunting Adventures

The Naze cliffs are famed for their fossil-rich layers. It’s not uncommon for visitors to leave with a prehistoric souvenir!

Family Fun on the Pier

The Walton Pier, teeming with amusement rides and arcade games, guarantees a fun day out for the entire family.

Clacton on Sea: The Entertainment Capital

All About Amusement

Clacton Pier, the heart of the town, is brimming with attractions, from thrilling rides to an expansive arcade.

A Hub for Events

Throughout the year, Clacton hosts numerous events, from the renowned Clacton Airshow to vibrant music festivals.

Seaside and Shopping

Aside from its magnificent beach, Clacton offers an array of shopping experiences, ensuring that retail therapy is never too far away.

Holland-On-Sea: The Quiet Coastal Gem

The Beaches Beckon

With no crowds, Holland-on-Sea offers pristine beaches, perfect for sunbathing and picnics.

Natural Beauty Spots

The Cliff Top Gardens provide panoramic views, while the nearby wildlife habitats are a treat for birdwatchers.

A Community Vibe

This quiet town has a strong community ethos, evident in its well-maintained parks and local events.


Tendring’s charm is rooted in its diverse landscapes and rich heritage. From the vibrant streets of Clacton on Sea to the tranquil shores of Holland-On-Sea, there’s a corner in Tendring to resonate with every soul. Whether you’re seeking historical depth, nature’s embrace, or the thrill of urban life, Tendring invariably delivers an unmatched experience. At Paveys Estate Agents, our deep-rooted knowledge of the region ensures that you discover the very essence of what Tendring offers. Give us a call today, and we will assist you in locating your desired property in Tendring.


Why should I consider Tendring for my next home?

Tendring provides a unique blend of urban vibrancy, countryside serenity, and coastal beauty. The district caters to diverse preferences, ensuring that every resident finds their perfect match.

How can Paveys Estate Agents assist in my property hunt?

With deep-rooted expertise and firsthand knowledge of Tendring, Paveys Estate Agents is the go-to agency for personalised property solutions.

Are there good schools in the Tendring district?

Absolutely! Tendring boasts an array of reputable schools, ensuring quality education for its residents.

What recreational activities can I enjoy in Tendring?

From water sports in Clacton to historical tours in Manningtree, Tendring offers a plethora of recreational activities catering to varied interests.

Which location is best for quiet, peaceful living?

While each location in Tendring has its unique charm, Holland-On-Sea is particularly favoured by those seeking a quieter coastal lifestyle.

Is Tendring well-connected to major cities?

Yes, Tendring benefits from strong transport links, ensuring easy connectivity to larger cities, including London.

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