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Things to Look For When Buying a House

Buying a house is a big expense so it has to be right. Like your wedding day, there are months of planning, stress and the really big payoff. When buying a house, you need to look out for certain things to make sure your purchase is right. Check out our top tips for purchasing your house, whether it be your first purchase or you have purchased before.

1. Check out the roof and outside of the building

Before you rush inside, take a look at the outside of the building. Check the roof, is it old or new? Does It need repairing? Have a look at the brickwork of the house and see for any slip tide or cracks in the walls.

2. Don’t judge a book by its cover

When walking around the property, try to imagine it as black and white. You will kick yourself if you do not buy the house just because of one room and how it looks. Don’t forget you will be the proud owner of your house and you will be able to change everything about it. The structure of the house is more important. Check for loose wires, damp & mould, aging boilers and heating systems

3. Touch everything

When walking around the house, touch everything. The bannister, walls, door handles, light switches, you name it – touch it! Buying a house is a huge expense so you need to learn how things work in the property from the get-go. If any problems do arise you can look at some cost-effective solutions.

4. Get a home inspection completed

You will want to ensure that the property is tip top. You can only tell so much from your own senses. Instruct a property surveyor to check not only your home but the home that you are looking to buy.

5. Take the internal house temperature

Sounds a bit crazy but check the temperature in the house. From that, you get a feel for what the utility bills could be like and whether you may need to invest more in the properties heating system. Your new house should feel cosy. Check the insulation in the roof. Again, this can reduce the monthly living costs and keep you comfortable in both the summer and winter.

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