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Does Autumn Affect The Property Market?

Autumn is essentially the end of the hottest season of the year for selling and buying property. That’s true both literally and figuratively. The buying and selling season begins in late spring and rapidly comes to a close towards the end of summer.

So, by the time you reach Autumn, people are becoming more desperate to get their home sold. This tends to be the time when asking prices tend to drop. It’s also the point where you can find great deals on the market. You can make sure that you are able to find your dream home for significantly less.

autumn property market

You may also find there is a lower level of competition to buy through autumn. There are certainly less people searching the property market for their dream home.

However, there are also less people selling. This can make finding the property that you want to purchase more difficult. You might struggle to discover a property that you love, even as prices begin to decline.

Autumn also means the evenings are getting darker. That’s an issue for home viewings as you’re less likely to be able to get to a property to see it during the day. This can make it more difficult to know about issues with lighting or other variables that impact whether people want to commit to a sale.

Finally, if you purchase a home in Autumn, you are more likely to be moving through the winter season. The weather can make this far more challenging and evening more expensive.

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